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ELYRIUM FILMS is a young film production brand, founded in 2021 and located in Zürich, Switzerland. Our brand is focused on creating our own movies. Our films are written and directed by our founder Florian Herzog and created by our own crew.

Our mission is to make films that stand out from the standard and captivate the viewer with a gripping story. Our films should touch people and inspire conversation. We achieve this through our dynamic as a team and by putting our heart and soul into these films.

Each of our team members fulfills their own tasks and complements each other with their skills and together we manage to create something that is unique.

about us

Florian herzog

Florian's fascination with movies started early, though it was a while before he found himself behind a camera. With the creation of his first film "The Last Case" Florian simultaneously started ELYRIUM FILMS and paved the way for further film productions. In order to fully dedicate himself to the creative process, Florian handed over the business activities to Arbesa Jashari.
Founder Florian Herzog


Arbesa has always loved watching and critiquing movies and shares the passion in filmmaking. She blooms of creativity and has a sense for acting, brainstorming new ideas and most importantly, being the organized brain in our team. She has taken up the responsibility for all business inquiries and questions.


Raphael Rutschi

Raphael bought his first system camera in the military where he met two friends who already did films and commercials online. He got inspired and learned a lot from them. Since that year he startet grinding until he managed to get an one year apprenticeship in a video production company. He always looked for the cinematic touch in his videos and then wanted to push the borders and get his hands on short films. 
DP Raphael Rutschi


Merel always wanted to be an actress and her dream came true, when she finally had the chance to play a role in one of our films. Since then she also became more interested in the process of filmmaking and fulfills the role of a producer. Now she's active in front of a camera but also behind.
Producer Merel Ott
Producer Jure Zürcher


Jure is interested in films and acting for a long time. His fascination came through his father, which also played a role in one of our films. He went in more business directions and is more focused on building up a business but still shares his  fascination in films with us. 
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